Kombit: The Cooperative



At the end of a five-year commitment to plant five million trees in Haiti, Timberland sought a way to share their unique story and their learnings with diverse audiences. They wanted to articulate a complex narrative that would work for both earned media and consumer audiences, and to do it with a feature length documentary covering their entire commitment.

How could Found Object transform footage filmed sporadically over five years into a verité film that captured the model with real suspense?


Authenticity lay at the heart of Timberland’s commitment to tree planting in Haiti, so only an authentic cinematic journey would do justice to the story. Found Object would film in Haiti frequently in the final year of Timberland’s commitment to capture the real impact and high stakes of the handoff, learning from varied characters the true story.

“Kombit: The Cooperative” became Found Object’s first feature length branded documentary.


Thanks to the trust built with Timberland over five years, and Timberland’s willingness to show both the challenges and the successes of their work in Haiti, we were freed to capture the unfolding story of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), their nonprofit, on-the-ground partner. We proposed a journey following the characters and their trajectories in the final year of funding Timberland provided to SFA. Beyond storytelling, we connected dots to create distribution opportunities – theatrical, online and at special events.

Kombit: The Cooperative premiered at SXSW Eco, and received positive press and social media engagement. It will be distributed widely in 2016.

Covering five years of reforestation

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