New York State: Reforming
the Energy Vision


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s innovative Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) clean energy program needed to create a public facing campaign to engage New Yorkers in realizing REV’s far-reaching goals and lay the groundwork for an ambitious initiative that would last long after the Governor leaves office.


We understood that complex regulatory reforms with varied impacts across multiple societal sectors were a challenge for the Governor’s office to explain. However, we believed we could articulate the promise of REV and find stories of progress that would help bring home the importance of REV to all New Yorkers.

If we could give the public a clear sense of REV’s promise, as well as the progress it was making, we could help ensure its ongoing success. In so doing, we could situate New York as a long-term leader in the innovative clean energy economy of tomorrow.

Strategic Development

To launch the REV brand, Found Object developed an overarching campaign strategy to identify REV’s target audiences, channels, and content approach. We then worked with internal stakeholders and external partners to develop consistent messaging and communicate the REV story through a strategic communications approach, rich content and messaging collateral.

Messaging / Content

• Created the campaign moniker “REV4NY” for use across public facing platforms.

• Created messaging, content and voice guide for all REV communications online, helping to launch the REV4NY microsite and Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin communities.

• Developed branding, website, one-sheeter and additional documents to advance the public’s understanding of REV’s strategy & 40+ initiatives.

• Produced and launched 5 REV campaign videos, including numerous social ‘cutdowns,’ that tell the story of REV projects statewide.

REV Social Media Channels

Coalition Building


REV was being rolled out through 40+ programs and the policies of 5 distinct New York energy agencies, along with the Governor’s office, necessitating the need for common messaging. We convened REV stakeholders and presented common messaging and content for use across varied REV and NYS energy communications platforms.

We built proprietary REV social channels, a REV microsite and coordinated REV content with sharing across varied NYS agencies. Over time, using the established REV communications strategy, we responded to changing needs and developed new messaging collateral that included coordinated rollouts  in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.


With a communications strategy that focused on REV storytelling first, we managed outreach to partners in communities across New York State to develop REV narratives for social media and press coverage.

Content was designed to be sharable with both internal and external partners in a way that would lead to collaborative REV storytelling.  These partners across New York in the clean energy space helped share the vision for REV to diverse communities statewide.


• Oversaw design and content creation for the website as a hub of REV information for NYers and beyond.

• Established REV social channels as a source for key energy innovation information, and relevant REV messaging from initiatives to news to Governor announcements.

• Managed strategy and content creation for REV tent pole events, including the State Fair and REV4NY Exchange.


• NYS energy agencies rallied to a common REV message, and used the strategy and content we created to reach new audiences across the State and beyond with REV messaging.

• REV received new press attention that featured content Found Object created, while audiences at NYS events could learn from REV content such as one sheets and videos.

• NY gained global recognition for its REV program, and new audiences came to learn about NY’s energy innovation as a model for the future.

• Generated up to 500,000+ social media impressions and 5000+ engagements each month via REV4NY and partner channels

• Garnered placement in Vox, Greentech Media, Politico NY, Green City Force, and others.