Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done


Timberland wanted to build a grassroots awareness campaign leading up to a major event: COP15 UN Climate Change Conference. They needed to leverage earned media and add value to the conversation.

How could Found Object create branded content that stood-out from coverage by 5,000 journalists?


Timberland’s commitment to sustainability makes them a natural thought leader on climate change.

Found Object would position Timberland within the groundswell of popular support as an example of how global corporations can be both sustainable and profitable in the future.

“Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done!” was born.

Approach: Phase I

We created a series of video shorts – animations and short documentaries – distributed across Facebook, YouTube, and a destination microsite positioning Timberland as a leader in the movement to stop climate change.

Timberland galvanized support by calling on people to sign a petition, building significant momentum leading up to COP15.

Approach: Phase II

At COP 15, we teamed up with green reporter Olivia Zaleski to create onsite dispatches and leveraged earned media to engage stakeholders.

Timberland became the trusted inside news source of people concerned about climate change–they truly were Earthkeepers.

In this campaign


Brand priorities + Zeitgeist Moment = Exceptional PR
The campaign garnered numerous press placements and  Timberland was the #1 sponsored YouTube channel for 2 days running—beating channels for Avatar and Nike!

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