Our Team


Gabriel London

Creative director

As partner and creative director of Found Object, Gabriel conceives of content and strategy for CSR and NGO clients looking to create a public impact. With a background in documentary filmmaking, Gabriel’s career focus has been on storytelling around major policy issues of the day. He has produced and directed films and campaigns that bring overlooked stories to an international audience, dealing with issues ranging from prison conditions to climate change. Gabriel has provided strategy and directed campaigns for organizations ranging from large multinational companies to small NGOs. His films have been broadcast nationally and internationally on television networks such as MTV, and featured in festivals including IDFA, Urbanworld Film Festival, and Live Earth.


Charlie Sadoff

Executive producer

As partner and executive producer at Found Object, Charlie oversees strategy and production from concept to delivery. Charlie has over 20 years of experience creating and executing campaigns ranging from social responsibility initiatives to feature film trailers to high-end commercials to documentary films. During that time, he has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and a multitude of NGOs and non-profits. His work has been met with critical acclaim and the industry’s highest awards. Charlie’s drive to deliver quality, creativity and a measure of authentic storytelling to every campaign provides clients with a confidence that their expectations will consistently be exceeded.


Leah Goudsmit



Nick Clark



Nellie Gagnon

Production Manager


Andras Kovacs

Art Director