Case Studies
We are a creative agency for government, companies and non-profits in the social impact space. We create story-led campaigns that inform, inspire and influence.
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Case Studies

We work with our clients and collaborators to develop the stories and content that make
for impactful campaigns rooted in storytelling.

Campaigns for our veterans

Building on Spike’s long-term commitment to veterans, we launched two multi-platform campaigns to impact veteran unemployment and health.
Our campaigns dig deep to find the most powerful, untold stories.
We then bring those voices into the center of public discourse.

Listen A Campaign Against Addiction

Developed in partnership with the creative team at Viacom Velocity, we shaped LISTEN: Facing Addiction in America, a campaign to reach audiences with the why/what/how of tackling addiction one conversation at a time. 
We translate society’s most complex challenges—and most ground-breaking solutions—into compelling,
people-centered narratives that drive real change.

Reforming the Energy Vision

Our work on the REV campaign was based on the recognition that the success of New York’s new energy policy would depend on the vision being clear and accessible to all New Yorkers.
We distill complex, pioneering ideas into concise, moving documentaries.

Kombit The Cooperative

From inception to completion, with the lessons of failure and pathways to success, we worked with Timberland to tell the whole story of their commitment to Haiti’s people: 5 million trees in 5 years, sustainably, with local farmers.
“If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it…does it make a sound?”
So goes the question that drives us to empower and activate audiences with the stories we tell.

The Mind of Mark DeFriest

Fourteen years in the making, our feature documentary takes the viewer deep into the life of a brilliant yet troubled man, and deeper still into a flawed and often brutal system.
Stories that ride the wave elevate.
We are experts at telling stories that feed social media and gain earned media.

Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done

What happens when short documentaries lay the groundwork for a countdown campaign and branded news dispatches go out from the culminating  event? Documentary storytelling turns Timberland into a trusted climate voice and inside news source – not mention the #1 sponsored YouTube channel – at climate turning point.